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Sweet Suffragette

i am vampire, hear me twinkle.

Little Sullen Girl
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a little about me
Law school graduate. Vegetarian. Southern Californian. Wife of iftherainstops, who is arguably the greatest wifey in the world. I love movies and music, but not any specific genre. I also love reading and art. I travel whenever I can, where ever I can. I love Los Angeles and it's glorious car culture, but I miss the rain and cold temperatures living here. I swear too much and tend to say what I'm thinking, even when I shouldn't.
Things I love: Twilight, Top Gear, Doctor Who, Torchwood, My Moleskine, Jurassic Park, Pinkberry and my laptop, Alice.

if you fear gay people, politics, or sudden fangirl outbursts, this journal isn't for you. I really don't add people who don't comment on my friends only entry. So, please, comment HERE to be added.